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It is necessary to make an appointment. An appointment for the initial examination can be made by phone. We will try to find a time that is best suited to the child’s daily rhythm among the times available at the clinic. If parents live outside of Zagreb and they already know that they will need training, it is possible to make appointments for training sessions in advance. On the other hand, if parents do not know whether training will be required or not, they can make an appointment for an initial examination by phone and then arrange training sessions and/or further examinations later, if needed and if the parents wish to go ahead with the therapy.

Appointments for check-ups or training sessions are arranged individualy, depending on the child’s condition, usually every three to four weeks.

Each session lasts one hour. We try to start each session on time; however, since it is impossible to plan everything with children, waiting is sometimes inevitable but most parents understand this. Also, since many of our patients are from outside of Zagreb, unexpected delays sometimes occur due to traffic or delays at the border; these patients are always “squeezed” into the schedule and treated on that day despite their delay.

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