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The Polyclinic for physical medicine and rehabilitation Prof. Milena Stojčević Polovina is an institution that is highly specialized for the rehabilitation of children.

Most of the children that we treat have neurodevelopmental difficulties caused by brain lesions acquired at an early age. They are often diagnosed with cerebral movement disorder, children with high risk for neurological disorders or syndroma dystoni, or cerebral palsy.

Children with other problems that require rehabilitation are also treated, such as children with brachial plexus palsy, torticollis, spina bifida, bad posture, scoliosis and so on.

The rehabilitation performed at the clinic is based on the years-long work, experience and scientific research of Prof. Milena Stojčević Polovina. Prof. Stojčević Polovina has dedicated her entire life to children with developmental difficulties and while doing so has gained an enormous amount of life and medical experience. She has treated thousands of children with varied problems which makes her experience irreplaceable. She has passed her enthusiasm and knowledge on to the younger generation and she continues to do so. Her pioneering work continues.

What makes our clinic special? We start from the notion that every child can be healthy, regardless of his or her level of impairment. Our attitude is to make every child healthy, if it is at all possible, rather than focussing on making the child less disabled. Of course, our chances of success depend on numerous factors, but statistics should never substitute the person. Even if the probability of recovery is only 5%, we believe that it is our duty to give every child a chance of being in those 5%.

That makes our work different.

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